Acupressure For Insomnia

Acupressure is a traditional, non-invasive technique to manage pain. Acupressure was developed around 2200 years ago and relies on pressure points to ease discomfort and pain. It is a highly effective method for a variety of ailments, including insomnia and nausea. Acupressure is a powerful and effective treatment. Here are some facts. Read on to learn more about this long-standing practice. It is not a drug and can assist you in relaxing.

Self-acupressure point LI-4

The Large Intestine (or LI-4) located on the hand is the ideal spot to apply acupressure. It's located on the dorsal hand between the thumb and pointer finger, between the first and second metacarpal bones. It is located at the top of the thumb. To activate this point, just place a metal Element Acupressure Stick on it. If it is applied correctly it can help to heal.

A pain management method that dates back 2,000 years

Acupressure is a variety of techniques that involve applying pressure to specific points on the body. The methods used may not follow the principles of energy utilized in traditional Chinese medicine. All forms of Acupressure are regarded as complementary or alternative medicine in the United States and Canada. Listed below are a few examples of common conditions which can be treated using acupressure. To find out more about acupressure, read on.

It is useful to help with nausea

Acupuncture utilizes pressure to alleviate various ailments, such as nausea. This alters the pain signals that are sent to the brain through the nerves. It is especially effective in relieving nausea from morning sickness or mild to moderate discomfort. For nausea relief you can apply pressure to the groove between the tendons on your wrist. You can purchase wristbands that have pressure points that are positioned in these areas.

Effective for insomnia

Sleep deprivation is one of the main causes of poor health, affecting memory and cognitive function and may even cause cardiovascular and libido problems. Insufficient sleep can cause anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. It can also cause serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. For these reasons treatment of sleep disorders is essential. The following sections discuss some advantages of acupressure in treating insomnia. It is worth a try acupressure for sleep.

Effective for migraines

Acupressure, a traditional Chinese medical technique that relies on pressure points at specific points of the body to alleviate pain and migraine symptoms It is also known as Acupressure. These pressure points are similar in nature to acupuncture where thin needles are inserted into specific areas of the body to alleviate pain. Since acupressure is generally painless migraine sufferers often combine it with prescription drugs. It is not recommended to apply acupressure during pregnancy.

Effective for stress

Acupressure is an alternative health treatment that uses pressure points on specific regions of the body to help reduce stress. Stress is a normal and natural reaction to difficult situations, but excessive amounts can affect our overall health. Stress can cause many health problems such as insomnia and low energy. Acupressure is a highly effective way to reduce the effects of stress and improve overall health.


While there are many advantages to acupressure but it is important to recognize that this alternative treatment cannot replace medical care. If you have a chronic illness or condition it is recommended that a doctor be advised, as symptoms-based treatments can aggravate the underlying condition. Acupressure should not ever be used on areas with open wounds or scar tissue as well as varicos veins and blisters. In addition certain acupressure points should not be stimulated on people with high blood pressure, as they may aggravate the condition.

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